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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the role of an NVQ Assessor?

    Assessors specialise in evaluating vocational training across different industry areas and help prepare new generations of skilled professionals. They are required to:

    • Give assessment feedback to their candidates and to make assessment decisions
    • Carry out assessment planning with the candidates
    • Motivate and assist learners to complete their qualifications
    • Carry out observations of their learners and use other assessment methods
    • Attend standardisation meetings within your assessment team
    • Complete relevant assessment paperwork to evidence performance of your candidates
  • What recent changes have been made to the NVQ qualification?

    NVQ Assessor training qualifications such as the A1 and A2 awards were replaced in 2012 by an updated comprehensive suite of assessing and internal verifying qualifications commonly referred to as TAQA (Training, Assessment and Quality Assurance).

    This change led to an upgrade based on the Qualification and Credit Framework (QCF) of units, awards, and certificate. The new A1 assessor course is known as the Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement and is made up of 3 units which can be taken separately or all altogether to gain a recognised qualification in assessing.

  • What qualities and skills do I need?

    As an NVQ assessor, you'll need:

    • Communication skills, both written and verbal.
    • Interpersonal and presentation skills.
    • The ability to support, monitor and motivate learners.
    • ICT skills.
    • Experience of the relevant work area.
    • An understanding of NVQ systems and equal opportunities.
    • Administration skills.

    You also need to be:

    • Well-organised and methodical.
    • Able to work on your own as well as in a team.
    • Prepared to work flexibly, when required.
    • Able to manage your own time.

    You are likely to need a driving licence, as the job involves travelling around from place to place.

  • Will you get me a job after I have qualified?

    We do not guaranteed to find placements for trainees but we have contacts with recruitment agencies and employers. We will assist you with job search and CV preparation. We do sometimes employ freelance assessors that we have trained.

  • Where will I get my 2 learners for unit 2 / 3 of the qualification?

    You will need to obtain at least 2 learners to assess for units 2 and 3 of your programme. We can assist you with obtaining learners where we have contacts with certain employers and through our own referrals but this is not guaranteed and can depend on what area of the UK you are in.  We do help our trainees with letters of introduction and candidates have found learners at voluntary centres, charity shops and by using their own initiative.

  • Can I start the course without first obtaining learners to assess?

    Absolutely. This what many of our candidates do. The first part of your training is based on knowledge and you only require a learner to assess in the 2nd and 3rd units. You therefore have ample time to discuss with your tutor the practical aspects of your training.

  • Is there funding for your assessor courses?

    Not presently. If you are unemployed some job centres will offer funding or assistance for vocational courses that can lead to employment if you enquire.

  • Are there any time limits or deadlines?

    The fees for your course are based on the expectation you will complete your course within 1 year. Further charges may apply after 1 year.

  • Do I need any prior qualifications or experience before I can enrol?

    No prior experience or qualification is required. You should have good writing and English ability and be able to study at level 3.

  • How is the course delivered?

    The course is delivered online and there is no classroom attendance required.  This award is achieved by compiling a portfolio of evidence which is assessed by a tutor. The course is self-paced and you have up to 12 months to complete.

  • How difficult will my course be?

    All studying or learning new things takes some time and effort but we have made our courses and support to be as engaging and helpful to you to be able to achieve your qualification. You can read the testimonial and case studies of successful assessors who came from very diverse backgrounds on our web pages.

  • What if I fail?

    There are no tests or exams to fail; instead you will be supported to build a portfolio of evidence including examples of your candidates work, assessment plans, feedback, and questions about assessing and professional discussions with your assessor. You will have a personal tutor who will guide you through the course, providing feedback at every stage.

  • When do the courses start?

    The courses are flexible and can start at any time to suit you.

  • How do I enrol and pay for the course?

    Complete the initial online application form or phone us for an initial discussion. Payment can be arranged in full or instalments via PayPal, credit card or bank transfer.

  • How long will it take to complete my course?

    The course is tailored to your own pace. If you want to fast track through your course from the start there are students who have completed in 12-14 weeks. If you are not doing all the units because of previous experience or training your course will be that much quicker as well.

  • How will I be tested and assessed throughout my course?

    You will be assigned a log-in to an online training platform which contains your assignments, tasks, webinars and access to your tutor to support your learning.

  • When will I get my first lessons and welcome pack?

    Immediately after you have enrolled and paid your fee.

  • Do I need any additional study material once I’ve enrolled?

    No. We do recommend certain books and materials but they are not obligatory.

  • What happens if I fail an assignment?

    As mentioned earlier there is no fail or exam with our online training. If your assignments are not up the required standard necessary then your tutor will guide you to improve it so you can submit it again.

  • Do I get a qualification once I’ve finished my course?

    Once you have completed your portfolio it will be handed to an internal verifier to be checked for quality assurance and to ensure you have provided all the evidence required. It will then be checked by the awarding body and you will normally receive your qualification within 10 days of us submitting a claim for your certificate.

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