‘Special Offer‘ Terms and Conditions – Cecos Assessor Training Website

This agreement applies to all candidates applying for assessor courses with Cecos College London and Cecos Assessor Training referred to hereby as Cecos Training.

1.) By way of promotion and incentive to new applicants, Cecos Training has provided a special offer enrolment scheme for applicants applying for any of our current assessor course/qualifications.

2.) Cecos Training reserves the right to amend or withdraw the special offer enrolment scheme at any time.

3.) Publication of the special offer enrolment scheme on our website does not constitute a firm commitment to offer the special fee rates. The offer and special rates are dependent on availability and target numbers being met which can be altered at our discretion.

4.) To take advantage of the special offer enrolment scheme a potential candidate must apply and state clearly they want to take advantage of the special offer.

5.) To enrol and be accepted onto the scheme the applicant must be able to meet our entry requirements and pay a minimum payment in advance of £50. The balance of the fees must be completed within 8 weeks of course confirmation for the Award course and 12 weeks for the Certificate course. Balance of fees can be accepted by instalment by arrangement with our office.

6.) Our special offer terms do not replace or supercede out main training agreement with candidates and are applicable only to the fee element part of enrolment.

7.) Candidates who take advantage of the special offer enrolment scheme will not be entitled to our 3 month after course career advisory service and help line included in our main fees. These can be added later if required for an extra fee.

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